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The dreaming is the Aboriginal understanding of the world, of its creation and its great stories. The aboriginal identity is decided superficially by looking at a person face and general appearance. The basis of identity includes descent, identification and acceptance as an aboriginal person. Furthermore, Aboriginal people usually distinguish themselves from other Australians and are linked together by a sense of belonging to a locality and an extended family. They usually develop a culture of their own through family, community and organisational structures in which provide a sense of security. The aboriginal identity looks at the dreaming and the significance of their land through constant reminders of the Australian landscape including desserts plants and mountains. According to Jens Korffs “For aboriginal people the relationship is much deeper. The land owns aboriginal people and every aspect of their lives is connected to it “. This quote states that aboriginals are the land owners and are the people who make up the land through many crucial factors, these include their spiritual, physical, social and cultural connections.


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