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The destruction of education does not have the same meaning in the United States as it does in other countries who see education only worthy to males and not females.

The United States sees the lack and quality of education for those in poorer cities and we continue to fight for all cities to have quality and accessible education. Here in the United States education is allowed for both males and females and although we’ve gone through the fight for females to have equal education like males, education is now a right for across the country. This freedom of education is not accessible to all in other countries like Afghanistan, especially for girls. The pursuit of education is dangerous and can mean death for young girls and their families. The Taliban is an Islamic group behind the hardline and dangerous threat to young women and education in Afghanistan. Their destructive approach to eliminate women’s education has brought worldwide attention and concerns for the most innocence of humans, little girls. In the Book of the City of Ladies, by Christine de Pizan, she wrote “If it were customary to send little girls to school and teach them the same subjects as are taught to boys, they would learn just as fully and would understand the subtleties of all arts and sciences.

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” The young inspiring woman named Malala Yousafzai would be a welcomed addition to Christine de Pizan City of Ladies. Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani girl who has been the face for the rights for girls in Afghanistan to pursue education like the boys. The one who would stand up against the Taliban.

Malala has been an inspiration to many people around the world. Her brave stance against the deadly Taliban made her a target and put the lives of herself and her family in danger. Malala was barely into her teen years when while on a bus leaving from school a gunman stepped on her bus in Pakistan and shot her in the head. “One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world”, however one bullet at close range almost ended the life a beautiful brave young girl. Malala has spoken in many interviews of her recovery from the near fatal gunshot to the head by a Taliban gunman.

Malala has never spoken about any regrets for speaking up for girls who do not have the same rights to education as boys. She speaks to the world about no child should die because they want an education. Young girls are expected to be quiet and do what they are told in Afghanistan, but Malala was never taught by her parents to be like all the other girls. Her father taught her how to be strong and educated her the same as a boy would be educated in Pakistan. When Malala became the youngest person to win the Noble Peace Prize my admiration for her grew. This young lady is a lot younger than I am but to look up to her is not hard. She represents the strength, faith, bravery, and understanding what is important in life more than most.

To see how dedicated she is in changing the education system for Pakistan and many countries with similar laws is incredible. In this life time I hope many more will have the strength and bravery to stand up for what is right, and I believe because of Malala’s visible strength I don’t think that will be hard to do.


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