The is important for understanding the regions history.

The Dependency theory came into prominence in the late 1950s by the Director of The UN Economic Commission for Latin America Raul Prebisch. It sought to respond to the arguments against the Modernization theory, which explained that the modernization of a nation is that was a process that transitioned it from a traditional society to a modern one. Also, the basis of this theory was that developed countries continue to increase and maintain their wealth at the expense of developing, Third World countries. Although the theory is not widely used in explaining underdevelopment today by sociologists, some of its factors can still be used in explaining development in some regions such as the Caribbean, in modern times.
Firstly, the theory can be useful because it is important for understanding the regions history. The realization of being dependent on our colonial masters would encourage citizens of the Caribbean countries to pressure their political leaders into becoming self-sufficient. More investment would stay within the country instead of leaving it thus developing infrastructure or providing programmes for literacy which can initiate development in the Caribbean countires. As a result, without the Dependency theory, there would not have been any motivation for Caribbean people to take the necessary measures to alter their development.


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