The to easily find out the causes.

The definition of post-mortem examinations is to know the cause and do some research for the sudden death. The other named for post-mortem examination the animal is necropsy. This examination is very systematic methods for medical. The method that used in this examination is dissection. Dissection must do carefully and slowly to avoid damage the organ and can’t know the causes. Post-mortem examination needs to do immediately after death to easily find out the causes.

Another benefit for is can control animal disease among the animal. It also can select the appropriate treatment for other animals.A Veterinarian can get information and experience from this examination for the future cases.

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The scientific knowledge can be added in mind through this learning examination. Post-mortem examination can conclude the detail morphological, topographical conditions, allowing correlating clinical and anatomical aspects. Other than that, post-mortem examination can determine the main cause of death clearly, explain associated pathology, treatment response and disease progress. The first aim of post-mortem examination is to help constructive feedback and ability an acceptance rate of error in diagnosis. A tentative diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis can be made following the macroscopic detection at necropsy of typical lesions. Histo-pathological examination of the lesion may increase the confidence of the diagnosis but bacteriological isolation of Mycobacterium bovis from the lesion is the only way to make a definitive diagnosis(L.A.Corner,1994).

For example, CT investigations there were reported 13.9% false-negative cases, and another study through moderns there were 4.4% errors reported in cases that were investigated.

(D. Marinescu ; L. Rogozea ,2014).

Only post-mortem examination can resolve the truth issue.Moreover, the importance of post-mortem examination is to bring the important information about the disease that can’t be found from living subject. Through than that, it can find the new technique to treat, new medicine and effect. It also can prevent another animal from this disease. ‘Prevention is better than cure’, this sentences is good to practice to avoid the disease. A veterinarian must expert in necropsy to obtain the actual result or causes.

Veterinarian and assistant have to ensure the safety to avoid the accident during dissection (Haynes, N. B., 2001).There are five benefits of the post-mortem examination of an animal. Firstly, the owner or breeder can get acknowledge about lacking husbandry practices which can be improved and corrected. When the process identifies the disease have been done, treatment is the best way to another infected animal to avoid the death. The result of necropsy can simplify the development and implementation the preventive medicine. Husbandry program will learn about any disease and can avoid the death in future.

Secondly, it can be the benefit to the veterinarian for attending the necropsy. The Veterinarian can find out the problem that can be a reference to future cases. It also can do some treatment and avoid the disease.

Prevent disease can be started immediately and earlier. Next, the experience and research can be added to the veterinarian. Thirdly, necropsy benefit to breeding through the breed-specific trouble. It will provide useful knowledge to other breeders and veterinarians. The information about death have been collected and statistical analysis was done. Fourthly, the post-mortem examination often causes the closed for the owner, veterinarian and another people that involving the death of an animal.

Fifthly, necropsy benefit to human that is can prevent the disease. It causes the disease of animal can be affected to human. The human has relationship genetically to animal very closely. The more human same heredity and genetic disease the animal, the more easily to find a treatment through research from the animal. Then, animal and human can live healthy and happy without any disease. Next, necropsy can found out the come up disease.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) defines an emerging disease as “a new infection or infestation resulting from the evolution or change of an existing pathogenic agent, a known infection or infestation spreading to a new geographic area or population, or a previously unrecognised pathogenic agent or disease diagnosed for the first time and which has a significant impact on animal or public health.” Furthermore, a post-mortem examination is to indicator function of the presence of disease. We can determine the animal whether the condition was in healthy or sick through this indicator. Besides that, the importance of necropsy is to obtain forensic or legal information.Necropsy technique must take the best specimens possible for any ancillary tests that may be necessary following the gross examination.

The same principles apply: specimens should represent cell morphology and function as closely as possible to that which was present at the time of death. While conducted the necropsy, we have to avoid water, contamination and other material that affect the tests. The best place for a dead animal is the refrigerator that is to be sent out for necropsy. Causes of damage tissues was a frozen body that must be thawed, and leaving a body out in the open just causes decay. The dead animals have been put down. It must be in cooled and on ice. Dead animals can’t be in frozen to avoid the bad and incorrect decision of post-mortem examination. In addition to surgical instruments, the complete material must enough such as scissors, forceps, and probes, other instruments for “posting” should include: two sharp knives, one with a straight, pointed blade and one with a curved skinning blade; a saw for cutting bone; bone chisels; and a carpenter wrecking bar for prying bones apart.

Clean and disinfect, or sterilize, all clothing and instruments after each use. Make and file complete records of each post-mortem examination for doctor-client relationships, research, disputes, and complications that might arise.Post-mortem examinations have to complete as soon as possible after death. The temperature affected the speed of post-mortem decomposition varies with different parts of the body. Lastly, necropsies were the important role in investigations of diseases and deaths. An effective method of sharpening diagnostic acumen can determine if veterinary practitioners necropsy regularly. The post-mortem was the right way to determine the cause and factor of animal death.

Many important of necropsy that we can practice in any investigation.


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