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The Dark Ages started after Rome fell and were the precursor to the Renaissance. It started in 500 A.D and ended in 1500 A.D. After Rome fell there were no scribes to document what went on during the Medieval times, thus giving the name “Dark Ages”.The geography of Europe is mountainous and in western Europe a peninsula and surrounded by water. There was fishing, travel, trade. There were many achievements in science and art, but today it is thought of as a terrible time to live because of the terrible hygiene and uneducation.

While Europe advanced in some subjects it stayed the same in other subjects such as hygiene and education.The Dark Ages while advanced in some subjects, did not thrive in others. “The people often only took 1 bath a year, ate moldy old meat, and boiled vegetable until they had no nutritional value left.” The quote shows the Dark Ages were dark because it shows that health was not very important to them and this evidence shows why the mortality rates were high. “Europe had a very corrupt feudal system, the Lords would be in charge of where the serfs lived and could keep them in their kingdom for the rest of their lives if he pleased.

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” This quote shows that because of the corrupt feudal system many of serfs could not even leave the Lord’s land and this prevented the spread of information. “Only the wealthy could afford an education so 90% of the population was uneducated.” This quote shows that only 10% of the population was educated and because of the corrupt feudal system it was very hard for someone of a lower class to get an education. And because of these ignorances the Middle Ages are called the Dark Ages.Though bad things happened in The Dark Ages there were some positive advancements such as science, universities, and art. “Today many things are misunderstood about the Middle Ages, in fact one of the most common beliefs is that the people in the Dark Ages thought the earth was flat and they thought the sun orbited the Earth.” This quote states that the People knew the Earth was not flat and that they also know the earth orbited the sun. “Another example of the advancements of the middle ages are the Medieval Universities in Prague, Paris, and Oxford England.

” Though many people were uneducated some people did have the privilege of a good education. “Art was very important in the Middle Ages because of the large amount of uneducated illiterate people.” This quote states that because of the large amount of illiterate people art was important because the artist had to be very precise in their art because their art was used for telling stories instead of just for pleasure. For these reasons the Dark Ages were not as bad as they are made out to be. Though the Dark ages were not perfect they were not as bad as they are made out to be.

The Middle Ages were uneducated and had bad hygiene. The Dark Ages were very important to the evolution of science and art. I believe that the Middle Ages were not that bad.


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