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The Creole community is mostly catholic. Creole Louisiana is best known for its association with voodoo as an Afro-Catholic set of religious practices. As a result of the fusion of francophone culture and voodoo in Louisiana, Creole African Americans associated many voodoo spirits with the Christian saints known to preside over the same domain. The practice of making and wearing charms and amulets for protection, healing, or the harm of others was a key aspect to Louisiana voodoo. There voodoo ritual has four phases , all identifiable by song being sung, preparation, invocation, possession, and farewell.

They also celebrate Saints Day , this is the day after Halloween that is more important for the Louisiana Creoles than any other area in the country. It is both a Holy Catholic Day and a day of family unity. This day is similar to the “Day of the Dead.” Many people recount that “families would gather all day to whitewash the graves and decorate them for All Saints.” They would gather for a picnic lunch and eat at the cemetery. Every tomb was adorned with a couronne de toussaints, a wreath of artificial or fresh flowers. Since the flowers of All Saints Day were to be everlasting through the year, the use of the waxed paper flower wreaths was popular.

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At one time, many women made the wreaths. A mass is followed by a candlelight ceremony in the graveyard and a blessing of the tombs. The priest would bless the dead when each family member would light a candle in their family’s tomb.

Many churches do conduct daytime mass followed by a blessing of the cemetery.


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