– how their world is shaped. In Henry

– The creation of distinctive images in a text often leads to the establishment of distinctively visual language and understanding of how perceptions of the personas and how their world is shaped. In Henry Lawson’s short stories ‘The Drover’s Wife’ and ‘In a Dry Season’ and ‘The African Beggar’ by Raymond Tong, all use distinctively visual language techniques that creates images that are created so that the reader can establish the perceptions of the personas and their worlds.
– The creation of distinctive images in Lawson’s ‘In a Dry Season’ starts with the first word ‘draw’, which allows the reader to connect to the persona which indicates the beginning of Lawson’s pure sketch which is shown throughout this short story. The first image of the sketch is shown through ‘a wire fence and a few ragged gums… Then you’ll have the bush’. This sensory description creates the image of the environment and also the background of ‘a public house and a general store’, which describes the dry and deserted environment of the outback living scenery. Lawson also uses sarcasm and humour to help describe and visualise the environment to enhance the perception of the personas and their world. ‘death is about the only cheerful thing in the bush’, this sarcasm shows the poor condition of living in this environment as using ‘death’ as a fun activity which creates the humour aspect, as death isn’t a fun activity as he says its ‘cheerful’. These images create a visualisation of the environment and the living conditions of the personas.
– ‘The Drover’s Wife’, creates a strong visualisation by sensory description which is used to establish the perception of the characters and their worlds. Lawson’s use of verbs creates a distinctively visual image such as ‘snatches’ and ‘darts’. Creating a sense of immediacy, and a quick thinker and ‘darts’ creating that sense of immediacy when the drover’s wife hits the snake and then darts because she wants to protect her children from the snake. The visualisation of the ‘women of all trades’ highlights the perception of the reader establishing a woman doing both female and male roles as the drover has gone away for work.
– In relation to Lawson’s short stories, distinctively visual language is used in Raymond Tong’s ‘The African Beggar’ which allows the reader to establish and understand the perceptions of the persona and how their world is shaped. In line 1, Tong’s use of metaphor creates the imagery of a homeless man sitting down in front of a store, and also the homeless man being a ‘target’, not a human. ‘with hands like claws’ creates the simile of the man having animal hands, not human hands, which creates emotion and a perception of this character through distinctive visualisation. The personification of ‘clutching the pitiless red earth in vain’ helps understand the homeless man and his perception, which establishes the readers perception of emotion and visualisation of the man’s life.
– Distinctively visual texts can establish a readers perception of a personas and their world.


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