The that younger children get distracted a lot

The context may change throughout the different age groups, we will ensure the distractions are eliminated to gain focus on the lessons in hand. It can be found that younger children get distracted a lot quicker as their attention span isn’t as big as older children.

This is something children will gain as they get older. Social aspects that should be considered when adapting anything to a particular age group this could be working in groups or pairs as this can promote building relationships with with children they may not particularly play with. This can be adapted for all ages such as younger children play ring games to gain their relationships to older children completing projects in a small group. Staff should maintain promoting positive relationships and act as a role model that pupils will want to copy and be like. All staff should also think about how personal circumstances could affect the way children may communicate.If you are working on a learning activity, it is important that the pupils are focused and that any distractions are dealt with accordingly.

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