The Directory Interface (JNDI). Also, a bean

The Container is responsible for controlling clients access in which the enterprise Bean is spread out. An Enterprise JavaBean customers can be locate by Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI). Also, a bean can be accessed over a network by standard method called RMI.The compilation process is a sequence of different stages. In each stage or phase, the input will be taken from its previous stage and process it and then its output will be feeds to the next stages of compiler.

The compilation process done by software called compiler which used to convert code from one programming language to another programming language. It goes through six phases which are lexical analysis, syntax analysis, semantic analysis, intermediate code generation, code optimization and code generation.Compiler phases:1. lexical analysis Lexical analysis is the first stage of compiler. It also called scanner. Lexical analysis phase reads source code which is in form of characters as input and then convert or generate it into tokens.

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First lexical analysis phase will receive source code program. Then, the scanner will scan the program from left to right. Then, it breaks down all group of string into tokens.Example: InputPrice: = amount+rate*50 Price, amount and rate–? are identifier + and *–? are operator = –? assigment symbolNumber 50 –? integerlexical analysis will take this particular statement as input and it will produce group of tokens as output.Outputld1: =ld2+ld3*50This output of lexical analysis.Price –? detected as identifier 1 (ld1)amount –? detected as identifier 2 (ld2)rate –? detected as identifier 3 (ld3)


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