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The companies use big data analytics to understand the information flow and to analyze gigantic data volumes at real time.

Because of the BDA newness within the ?eld, most research assessed its uses and therefore effects on business decision are still limited. Still, organizations now use BDA to clearly comprehend its customers well to realize optimal engagement of customer’s .Regardless of its use; the big data is not a solution but barely a raw material. Therefore the challenge experience is how to convert the data into insights information and knowledge for managers to use to solve problems and to bring about better performance. Consequently, BDA has probably allowed managers to make improved business decision (Xu, Frankwick, ; Ramirez, 2015). Dinh, Phan, ; Bui, (2016) argued that big data is significant characteristics of the knowledge management systems (KMSs) ought to be big data-driven to influence all obtainable data for a competitive advantage. The intelligence approach recommend firms to based their BDA on data driven, service-orientation and the needs of the organization, intent to incorporate extra business value to the big data in order to accelerate organizational learning as well as knowledge development.

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Moreover, big data has changed most enterprises to data-driven organizations, of which its fundamental objectives are to convert data into precise knowledge, optimize decisions making, and capitalized on profits. This approach aids data-driven organizations create a novel-generation of Knowledge Management Systems on the service orientation basis to enhance the development process of organizational knowledge as well as knowledge unification sprang from separate big data sources. By harnessing service-oriented approach, an organization is able to cope, manage and run business with digital revolution thus placing them at a competitive edge from those competing with. The payback involved unified integration, cloud-based solutions, all-inclusive business acumen and better organizational responsiveness.Hashem ; Anuar (2016) argued that usage of big data technologies facilitates processing and data storage to realize relevant information improves different services. Furthermore, big data enables managers make decision strategy for any services and resources growth. For smart firms to achieve its goals and enhance services there must be right tools and techniques for effective and efficient analysis of data. The tools facilitate collaborative communication among entities to enable quality service, improve customers’ experiences as well as the business opportunities realized .

The organization having common interests are easily be known through data analysis of which can results to collaboration and development between them. Besides, big data analytics can support governments launch and implement suitable policies due familiarity of peoples social care, health, governance and education, etc. In addition, smart firms have contributed a big role by transforming various aspects of human life in all sectors such as business ventures, education, health, transportation, energy, and so on.


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