The Internet of Things (IoT) provides latest development

The Internet of Things (IoT) provideslatest development of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), internetprotocols, smart sensors, communication technologies and it improve quality ofour lives1. The applications of IoT are transportation, health care,industrial automation, the present revolution of internet is mobile andmachine-to-machine (M2M) technologies 1. The IoT permits physical objects tosee, hear, think and perform jobs by having them talk together, the IoTtransforms the objects to underlying technologies are ubiquitous computing 1.The IoT provides significant of human live and quality it deals with businessapplications and it grow the world economy1,2.                 Supposefor a example if smart city is made up of IoT then every home will  enable their residents to automatically openthe  door at the entrance when theirreaching home, prepare the coffee and breakfast automatically 1. To performthe climate control system and pervasive and ubiquitous nature it required tosupport emerging technologies 1.

The emerging technologies which aresupporting to IoT are Big data Analytics, Cloud and Fog computing etc.                 The Big data can store massive data in theform of  data, emails, texts, consumertransactions, social media interactions etc. which is connected by a largenumber of devices and physical objects like humans, sensors, animals, plants,smart phones, personal computers etc. equipped with sensors to generate 1.

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The support of Big data analytics in IoT is achallenging task of organizations. In industries has required to  process amassed volumes of data, any industryprocessed the amassed data with big data analytics three important factors i)Save the budget  ii) Connect disparatesources of data within the business iii) Improvement of the revenue 1. In IoTthe use of big data analytics will create more accurate market strategies andenhanced Return on Investment (ROI) in the future sales2.             Thecloud computing pay as you go model, it consist of millions of data centers andit composed of trillions of virtual machines (VMs). The data centers areperforming higher utilization of VMs without degrading the performance.

Theeffective tasks allocation strategy performing on VMs. In internet deployments,most notably the IoT, requires mobility support and geo-distribution andlocation awareness in addition to that low latency of plat form is fogcomputing 2. There are seven characteristics of Fog computing  there are i) Low latency and location awareness ii) Wide-spread geographicaldistribution iii) Mobility iv) Very large number of nodes v) Predominant roleof wireless access vi) Strong presence of streaming and real time applicationsvii) Heterogeneity 1.

In Cloud and Fog computing provides developers andproviders to try everything together what customer wants. Cloud and Fog isessential to success of IOT, The following difference have made to define therole of IoT 1.


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