The combustion of fossil fuels

The combustion of fossil fuels has created a global anxiety for the environment and world economy. The level of carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere and global warming exceeding time to time due to the over use of fossil fuel (Abdel-Fattah and Abdel-Naby, 2012). The world countries have directed state policies toward the utilization of biomass for meeting their future energy demands to meet carbon dioxide reduction and to decrease dependThus, there is a persistent need to adapt the use of bioethanol as a renewable and clean energy source. Production of bioethanol provides several advantages over gasoline like- utilization of abundant and inexpensive renewable resources, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and toxic substances, macroeconomic benefits for rural community, social aspect of sustainability and pertaining in national energy security (Sarkar et al.

, 2012). Keeping in view all these advantages, biomass based fuel development technologies should rapidly gain momentum. Recently, research has focused on using non-edible biomass as raw materials including lignocelluloses, celluloses, and marine algae rather than the first-generation biomass such as starch and sugar biomass (Demirbas,2010; Ganguly et al., 2012). Ethanol production from agro residues may address this problemence on the supply of fossil fuels (Sarkar et al., 2012).

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