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The Civil War was the battle that no one would ever wish to fight. The North only wanted to preserve the Union and saw war as a last resort in trying to bring the South back. The South only wished to be left alone, and to go on with their lives and let their slavery be untouched. But on April 12th, Confederate President Jefferson Davis ordered an assault on the Union-held Fort Sumter, and Lincoln had to retaliate. Though both sides believed each was going to take care of the other easily, it turned out to be a very bloody and lengthy war.

The victor came about because of a few major advantages against his foe, and these advantages were costly to the Union.Nearly 4.5 million bales of cotton were exported out of the country, and by 1864 only 300,000 bales were being traded. Shortages of food and supplies also occurred due to the blockade, making the Anaconda Plan a very effective weapon against the South.Another major factor during the war was the strength of the Presidents of each side.

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Lincoln was well adored by the North for being antislavery and was determined to win the war in order to preserve the Union. The masses flocked to him, and many joined the war effort in any way they could. In comparison, Jefferson Davis himself felt wary about his position, and was not as well liked even among his own cabinet. Also, due to the South’s strong beliefs about states’ rights, it became hard for Davis to do necessary things to run the war, such as raise/collect taxes. He also had a problem in dealing with a lack of soldiers to fight for the Confederacy. In comparison to the North with its population of 22 million, the South had a measly 9 million with 3 ½ of that 9 million were slaves. For every one Confederate soldier, there could have 2-3 Union soldiers opposing him.If wars are won by riches, there can be no question why the North eventually prevailed.

” The North was better equipped than the South, with the resources necessary to be successful in a long term war like the Civil War was, which was fought from 1861 ? 1865. Prior, and during the Civil war, the North’s economy was always stronger than the South’s, boasting of resources that the Confederacy had no means of attaining. Compared to the South, The North had more factories available for production of war supplies and larger amounts of land for growing crops. Its population was several times of the South’s, which was a potential source for military enlistees. Although the South had better naval leadership and commanders, such as Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson, they lacked the number of factories and industries to produce needed war materials.

Therefore, the North won the American Civil War due to the strength of their industrialized economy, rather than their commanders and strategies. The American Civil War was fought between the North (The Union) and the South (The Confederates), because of the South wanting to secede from the North. Lincoln’s election as president in 1860, triggered southerners’ decision to secede believing Lincoln would restrict their rights to own slaves. Lincoln stated that secession was “legally void” and had no intentions of invading the Southern states, but would use force to maintain possession of federal property. Despite his pleas for the restorations of the bonds of union, the South fired upon the federal troops stationed at Fort Sumter, in Charlestown, Virginia.

This was the event that decided the eventual beginning of the Civil War.


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