The grandfather to his a garden a week

The childhood was the happiest period in my life. It was very simple . I was like other children . I didn’t worry or care about the problems and I had not duties or responsibilities . moreover , I almost spent my time hanged out with my friends .

this essay will discuss the most happiest my childhood memories and will draw my personal conclusion .When I was child young ,I spent my time in funny activities . for example, I was playing with my friends more than 5 hours a day . I was playing tag with them . furthermore, I easy going with my grandfather to his a garden a week to help him in harvest fruit and vegetables such as dates , tomato ,cucumber.In addition , in my childhood .

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I didn’t care about problems or duties . thus ,I spent most of my time in watching animation and them . I discussed what will happen in next episode with my siblings .

moreover, I was so untested in chatting with my parents . for an instance , they told me about their life style and habits , when they were a young . this proves clearly that my childhood was so happy with my family .In conclusion , I would say , my childhood was a free from responsibilities . I was just played ,ate , drunk , slept .

I was live in innocence world without problems, duties or life pressure . my childhood memories were really make me happy .


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