The ever thought to yourself, “This is

The child in Formal operational stage can think hypothetically and logically. Piaget supposed that adults think like scientists when making decisions. In other words, adults use logic and carefully evaluate all variables and trade off the evidence when making decisions. However, we all use all kinds of decision making strategies that may not always be logical. For example, have you ever thought to yourself, “This is the logical course of action, but the non-logical course of action is just ‘feels’ right to me”. Regrettably, there is little room for affect in problem solving in the definition of formal thinking.
In this stage, children can solve a problem quickly in an organized way (Cherry ,2014). In addition, deductive logic is required especially in science and mathematics. For example, formal operational stage children can solve the mathematic equation by themselves without having to refer to a concrete situation presented by the teacher (Bobby Ojose, 2008). Besides that, the child in this stage also can understand the consequences about decisions. For example, the child will think the result before they decide to do some decision. Furthermore, children able to think more abstract during formal operational stage.


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