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The Central Park five documentary explore the violent rape, assault and battery of Trisha Meili, a jogger in NY city’s Central Park in the early spring of 1989. At the time one of the more publicized and sensationalized crime in the country.
The police rush to judgment and went after the usual suspects instead of making a thorough investigation into the facts and evidences. The evidence that the five did not attract the jogger is laid out in the documentary overwhelmingly including another rape case that happened a few nights prior in the park. But in turns the police arrested and convicted was five black and Hispanic teenagers who were in the park that night with a gang of about thirty other kids. Really a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, being the wrong color and the right suspects. They were interrogated separately, some up to 24 straight hrs. and were later coerced to confess and pleaded guilty to the crime even though each of the five said that he had not participated in the act. Which ultimately sealed their fate not only to the jury but also in the public opinion court. They were also demonized and dehumanized and depicted as being members of a “wolf pack” that went “wilding like animals. They were convicted and given long sentences and spent an upward of six to thirteen years in prison respectively until their conviction were overturned by a NY Supreme Court judge after a DNA evidence and confession to the contrary by a single known murderer and serial rapist in 2002.
In the end the exonerated five sued the city of New York for malicious prosecution, emotional distress and racial discrimination. The City ended up settling the case for an upward of 40 million in 2014 and as of this day the five men were still looking for more millions in damages from the city.


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