The 82 The Cajuns and Creoles kept

The Cajun language roots started with the French speaking people of Canada and the longer they lived in the area, the language adapted a southern accent. The founding families, who first settled in Acadiana called themselves Acadians. The people who lived there could not say their name, so they called them, “Cajuns”. The Acadians who settled near New Orleans intermixed with the African American slaves from the Caribbean. The African Americans who already settled there spoke French, the Cajuns called them Creoles. In 1803, the United States attained the area of Louisiana from France. When the Americans began to move into the new territory and since they spoke English, it was decreed that English would be the language of the area. The Acadians again found themselves under the oppressive rule of English-speaking rulers. This caused the Cajuns and Creoles to start denying their cultural identities. Pg. 82

The Cajuns and Creoles kept their history alive through ballads or songs. Most songs tell a story, while Cajun songs tell an emotion about an event or history. Superstition was also another factor in their songs and folklores. The Creoles’ songs were folklore about the “loup garon”, the werewolf. As time went on, their songs expanded into the practices of Voodoo and many other themes.

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