The twentieth century .It is developed in many

The British novel is considered the leading genre among a variety of genres and forms in the second half of the twentieth century .It is developed in many directions covering a wide range of forms, characters and themes. Contemporary English novels do not only concentrate on contemporary culture, but they attempt to provide a comprehensive, highly critical and often pessimistic portrait of the realities and the fantasies that shape the individuals world in the late twentieth century (Shevchenko 203). Literary Devices in Contemporary British Novel
Different devices are used in postmodern literary novel such as Parody, Irony, Distortions of narrative time, Discontinuity and Blurring of genres , Fragmentation, Paradox, Questionable narrators, Contradiction, Permutation, Randomness and Excess ( Shevchenko 207 ; Malcom 18).

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The latter half of the twentieth century is very rich in terms of the number of novelist or their textures. Anthony Burgess is one of the best known English literary figures of A Clockwork Orange (1962) is his best known novel. John Fowles is another Contemporary author. He has gained an international reputation, with his books that are translated into numerous languages and many of them are adapted as films. The Collector (1963) and The Magus (1965)are among his best works. In addition to The French Albert Camus, Nobel Prize winner. Albert is considered as author, journalist, and philosopher. He is known with his essay “The Rebel”.To finish with Anthony Powell and his A Dance to the Music of Time( Shevchenko 203-208).


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