The group called seekers, who captures humans

The book is about a parasitic alien called a ‘soul’ that are taking over the human
mind by living inside the human’s body taking away all sense of humanity. There is a
group called seekers, who captures humans and implants these ‘souls’ in them.
Thus creating the ‘perfect’ futuristic, robotic world. They do not leave any trace of
normal humans. One can identify a soul by looking into its eyes, souls have a gold
circle in its iris whereas the humans do not have such a golden circle.
Even though most of the humans are captured and transformed into hosts, there are
a few humans who managed to hide away from these ‘souls’ through creating their
own community inside a cave. Here they grew their own crops, had access to fresh
cave water which they could drink and bathe in. Every human had a task every day
in order to maintain this hidden human community. Every second week they would
nominate a group of 4 to go outside to buy non-perishable items, medicine etc. This
is how they maintained this community.
The main character in the book is Wanderer, also known as Melanie Stryder.
Melanie does not give Wanderer a chance to take over her mind, she fights back and
goes on a search to find her loved ones who is hiding away from these inhumane
creatures. Melanie was captured by the seekers after years of running away from
Although somewhat during the book ‘souls’ trace her to this hidden community which
Melanie’s uncle Jeb, her boyfriend Jared and brother Jamie lives at. Where they
boys put up a fight to protect their humanity and community. At the end Doc removes
the soul from Melanie’s brain, transferring it to another host. Melanie then became
her old self and they lived on in this hidden community still protecting it from the


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