The many products create flavors similar to that

The bitter berries that had apparently originated in Ethiopia are, today, used as one of the most popular energy drinks worldwide. The drink has become a delicacy in many countries and consumed by many people daily; in some cases, more than once a day. The delicious drink can now be delivered in a mass variety of ways; my favorite being black and as bitter as it can get. As many know, Starbucks is the largest coffee company and sells over four billion cups of coffee a year thanks to white girls all over America and the many other customers that purchase their products. Americans have made it apparent that
One of my favorite coffee-related foods is coffee flavored ice cream, another being tiramisu. By my statement prior, you can tell that coffee has made its way into a variety of foods and in many different forms. Although, all foods may not contain the genuine abstract of coffee beans, many products create flavors similar to that of coffee.
How do people take their bitter brew? In the country that created this energy concoction, they generally like their cup with a dash of salt. Adversely, the French drink caf au lait or half coffee and half milk. Americans typically like cream in sugar with their light roasted drink and the Germans like to mix their coffee with hot chocolate; delicious. Obviously, the way people drink their coffee depends on their culture and farther, a person’s appetence.


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