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The bill I will be talking about is the Preventing Executive Overreach on Immigration Act of 2014 that is bill is being passed through ad by the Judicial branch. Because of his dislike of Former US President Obama’s executive order that granted amnesty to roughly 5 million illegal aliens and restore Artice I powers back to congress Rep Yoho, Ted S was the one to suggest the bill. This bill would restrict the executive branches powers to revoke a bill or regulations related to illegal immigrants the through executive orders the people that it would affect are outside of the US trying to enter into the US by any means.

This bill hopes to affect illegal immigrants by keeping them in their respective countries. It would end President Obama’s executive action on immigration and restore the Congress’ constitutional role as the body to craft legislation. This will affect our citizens by helping them keep and maintain their jobs with the people coming into the country unlawfully out of those industries. This bill should not pass because of the amount of money the country could be making and the amount of experience and skills they can bring to industry.

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illegal immigrants that have respective jobs and provide much for this country should be given the chance to change loyalty to us and provide taxes and more for us and wealth for their families.


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