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The internet today is the number one source that people of all ages turn to. It’s the place where people feel comfortable and confident being themselves. Some like to use it as a distraction from their problems, like an escape from reality.

The internet offers many sites for people to socialize, but along with it comes multiple risks, one of which is cyberbullying. People hide behind a computer screen, feeling they can say whatever they want and nothing will happen to them. Cyberbullying is becoming more common on many social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many other sites. Most bullying victims fall into depression, their self-esteem begins to crumble, and they begin to feel worthless. It takes only a few seconds to leave a hateful comment but a lifetime for someone to get over it and although you can report the comment on your screen you can never erase it from your head.

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14% of high school students have thought about committing suicide because of cyberbullying, half of them attempting a succeeding. Most people would just tell you to consider turning off your laptop or deleting your account that way you won’t have to see all the negativity, but why should you have to be the one to delete your account because someone decides to desecrate it with their unneeded hate?One day I hope people will be able to be themselves online without having to worry about others judging them. One day I hope people would stop taking the time out of their day to make fun of or judge someone online because of their looks, personality, sexual orientation, race, or preferences. One day I hope everyone would realize how wrong it is to bully someone on social media. In order for my hopes to happen, we must work together to raise awareness. Take a stance when you see others being bullied online, don’t silently watch.

Do not answer a hurtful comment with another hurtful comment, you shouldn’t stoop down to the level of a bully. Instead, block or report the user that is spreading the negativity. Schools may raise awareness by having assemblies on the topic of cyberbullying, that way if they are being cyberbullied or see someone in that situation they’ll know what to do.


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