The your strength, but your cunning ability

The basis of early Greek culture was using strength instead of the mind to get through dangerous situations. From the statues to their stories, the Greek heroes were always portrayed as strong and athletic, and used it to their advantage. The Odyssey, an epic poem written by Homer, shows that, it’s not only your strength, but your cunning ability that can get you through hardships. The act of choosing cunning over strength can be observed in many characters in the book, but mainly the main character, Odysseus. Odysseus’ cunning can be perceived in many examples such as his encounters with the lotus-eaters, the Cyclops, and the suitors. When they get to the land of the lotus-eaters, some of Odysseus’ shipmates, hungry as they are, accept the offer of the lotus-eaters to eat the lotus.

As a result, they forget all about their journey back home. Knowing that the lotus had to be flushed out of their system so they could come back to their senses, Odysseus took them back to the ship using force and told his men to get on the ship right away so they wouldn’t be affected as well. He knew that if all of his shipmates ate form the lotus, he wouldn’t be able to get control of them, thus having no chance of getting back to Ithaca.

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Here, we see Odysseus making use of use his wits and quick thinking to save him and crew.


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