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The Babadook is a 2014 Australian horror film written and directed by Jennifer Kent, and produced by Kristina Ceyton and Kristian Molière.

The Babadook is a suspenseful, horror film focuses on a ghostlike, mysterious figure called the Babadook. Viewers are left in suspense because you couldn’t tell if the ghost was real or some shared delusion created by Amelia and her son. People go to movies to be scared and left in suspense. Viewers don’t care about the grief and problems that Amelia had, they are waiting for Mr. Babadook to scare them. The focus in the Babadook movie is a ghost, not the grief or the struggles the Amelia had. It is a horror film, not a soap opera. Many feel “Mr.

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Babadook.” represented elements of depression and the feelings Amelia faced during the grieving process. The movie used suspense and the viewer’s own imagination to form opinions of what the Babadook was. The monster could have been a representation of her grief or a real ghost. Some believe there are no ghosts or monsters, it’s all in their heads. Amelia reads a book to Sam that tells of a monster called “Mr.

Babadook.” Samuel is convinced he is real and out to get them. Mr. Babadook, visits Samuel several times, terrifying him. Amelia tries to reassure her terrified son that Mr. Babadook is unreal. Strange things begin to happen around the house, violent visions, and visits from Mr. Babadook.

The Babadook is scary looking. It usually appears in shadow form, like a ghost. It never looks the same, it sometimes appears to have the face of a man. The “Babadook” has claw-like hands and a pale face, it sometimes appears wearing a black coat and a black top hat. The Babadook is real ghost, not something imagined by both Emelia and Samuel. There are many theories about who the Babadook is, and what he represents. The Babadook is a ghost. Seeing Ghosts is a normal reaction to bereavement but is rarely discussed because people fear they might be considered mentally disturbed by others.

Mental Ghosts and the Process of Grief, by Maples, Michael R states, “For many people, these mental images are real and may actually be experienced sensorily. For participants in their first, second, third, and fourth years of mourning, 22%, 15%, 24%, and 20%, respectively, reported a sense of their spouse’s continued presence.” This article is related the movie after Amelia’s grief about losing her husband, creating Babadook in her mind. Is the Babadook her husband? Amelia was denying her grief over her husband’s death to take care of her son. The Babadook controlled her body, Amelia has become possessed by him. The Babadook ends up living in the basement where all the husband’s things are.

The Babadook showed up around the 7th anniversary of the father’s death. After losing a spouse many people feel a presence, this is now a coincidence, ghosts are real. Amelia was grieving because her husband death and it was consuming her because her feelings were too painful to deal with. A Brief History of Ghosts: Commentary on Paper by Laurel Moldawsky Silber., by Gary Schlesinger, states “As humans have always been drawn to images that allow them to represent and disown unwanted thoughts and feelings, ghosts have served to represent how unfinished family business in the past can cause problems in the present”. This article is useful for the basic information about ghosts and it can be compared to the movie.

Ghosts represent unfinished business and unwanted thoughts Could the Babadook be her husband Oskar? There is no disputing that Mister Babadook is an actual ghost. Why Some People See Ghosts and Other Presences, by Frank T. McAndrew Ph.D.

“Studies, indicates “almost half of widowed elderly Americans experience a hallucination of the departed spouse, and such after-death communications appear to be a healthy coping mechanism and a normal part of the bereavement process” It is not unreasonable to assume that such experiences can happen to so many people, and ghosts are not real. There is no way of telling what happens after death. Many people report seeing ghosts.

Many people do not believe in ghosts. Many feels that Emelia was experiencing a mental disorder. Emelia was dealing with grief. Grief: The Real Monster in The Babadook, by Tim Teeman, states “Energy is sucked from them, the world around them becomes impossible—the Babadook of grief and loss exerts its force everywhere.” Sam was born into the world with a grief-stricken mother. Amelia had no time to take care of herself and deal with her loss.

as a single mom, she has to work long-hours as a caretaker for the elderly, and then come home and take care of her son, they had no support system. The Babadook is real. Amelia and Samuel both had encounters with the Babadook.

This was a great film because it made people think and form their own opinion of what the Babadook really was. There are many theories about who the Babadook is, and what he represents. Mr. Babadook was a ghost, it does not matter what he represents. Viewers want to be scared and left in suspense.

Amelia and Samuel were emotionally weak, perfect prey for a ghost. The movie never openly says whether or not The Babadook was ever real. Amelia and Samuel see the ghost, the audience definitely sees it. Some feel that the Babadook is a product of Amelia’s imagination, but why would she go to such lengths to create a monster? Strange things happens around the house, doors open and close on their own, lights flicker and bulbs burst spontaneously. This is not imagined or a form a grief.

All these things combined prove that that the Babadook was a ghost.


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