The new quality initiatives that would increase

Theurgent care centre is a healthcareorganization that is concerned with the treatmentof minor injuries that require quick attention or urgent treatment.

Urgent carecentre offers treatment of minor injuriesand other illnesses that are less severe. In thehealthcare industry, this kind of organization is helpful to people living inthe surrounding because they take less much less time to seek medical attentionbefore their situation gets worse. As the clinic manager on an urgentcare centre, I have observed thatrecently there has been a bad trend that needsimmediate action. There have been an increase of complaints regarding longwaiting hours, inadequate informationfrom staff during visits, and relatively smaller numbers of insurance typesaccepted at the organization. To stop this unfortunate trend it is imperativeto adopt new quality initiatives that would increase patients’ satisfaction andpotentially reduce healthcare cost. Another remedy to mitigate the problemwould be to adopt Medicare as the potential pay sources our urgent care centre.One good example of a quality initiative that would serve as asolution to the problem in the facility is providing a practical wellnessinitiative (Nash et al.

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, pg. 228).Through offering incentives to the employees, their participation in handlingthe patients would improve tremendously because at the end of the day they willhave something to smile about. Wellnessprograms help the employees to performtheir duties effectively and help the organization meet its goals. An efficientwellness program helps the employer to assess the engagement level of theemployees.

After assessing the engagement level of the employee, it would bemuch easier to determine on the effective initiative programs to introduce incase the current one does not satisfy the employer. The result of a proper wellness program in customer satisfaction andlow healthcare cost, thus making a major quality initiative. The second qualityinitiative is adding new provisions of the prescription drugs to increase the utilization of drugs by thepatients. There should be a new drug management program that ensures that thepatients are using coinsurance generic drugs more than the other types ofdrugs. These type of drugs enhances the patients to take them for a longerperiod, and they are less expensive,efficient, and have no side effects as compared to the other types of drugs.This initiative increases customer satisfaction as well as minimizing thehealthcare costs. The last quality initiative tosolve the problem facing the urgent care facilities is hold regular seminarswith the employees are discuss on the issues affecting their productivity aswell brainstorming on how to meet patients’ demands (Terjesen et al.,.

pg. 17). This strategy also gives theemployee a chance to propose initiatives that they think might be of benefit tothe company without increasing healthcare cost and this has been applicable inmany facilities in the U.S. As the clinical manager I would be in full supportof Medicaid as potential pay source for the urgent care centre.

One of the reason is that Medicaid is that is funded by both the federal and stategovernment and this means there would be a numberof insurance types accepted by the facility. Another reason is that Medicaidoffers insurance coverage that is not offered by Medicare and this would enhanceis patient satisfaction and reduce healthcare cost. In conclusion, it sufficesto say, the onus is on the clinical manager to ensure a high standard ofmanagement and this would help the facility to achieve its goals.


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