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The Globe Theatre is a theatre that was used in the 1500s/1600s, and was in London. The Globe Theatre was built in 1599, by Shakespeare’s Playing Company. Shakespeare’s Playing Company, also known as “The King’s Men,” which was formerly known as the “Lord Chamberlain’s Men.

” The King’s Men was an acting company in which Shakespeare was in for most of his career. The Globe Theatre wasn’t originally going to be the Globe Theatre. Originally, James Burbage, got a lease and permission to build a theatre; which he was going to call ‘The Theatre.’ The plan was disapproved, and mostly all of the plans failed. Thusly the Globe Theatre was built in return. The theatre could sit up to 3,000 people, and as many as 10,000 to 20,000 went to plays in a single week. Furthermore, the Globe Theatre did not stand for very long. The original building stood for only 14 years.

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When on June 29, 1613, it burned down. During the play Henry VII, a staged cannon went off, but thanks to the building being made of mostly thatch and wood, the cannon created fire that hit the thatch and wood and caught it on fire. The Globe Theatre burned completely to the ground and was shut down. All of the people that were inside of the theatre made it out fine, with only about one or two people injured.

Many of the actors that were staged in the play lost their jobs, but not for that long of a time. Almost exactly a year after the Globe Theatre burned down, it was rebuilt in the same spot. Sometime in June 1614, the theatre was completely rebuilt and ready to go.

The Globe Theatre was rebuilt mostly because everyone loved the plays, and they made a lot of money off of the thousands that would show up and watch. Not only is it good for the people and the money, the ones who starred in the dramas loved it just as equally because they got to participate in the plays, make money, and entertain people. Come the year 1642, Puritans forced an enclosing on the Globe Theatre. On April 15, 1644, the Globe Theatre was completely taken down, and gone for good, for that time period. Lastly, in the years of the 70’s, a man named Sam Wanamaker made the Shakespeare’s Globe Playhouse Trust. Twenty some years later, a man named Theo Crosby, who was the architect, and Wanamaker helped rebuild the Globe Theatre, but called it “Shakespeare’s Globe.” It opened to public not long after it was built, and the first play was “Henry VII.

” In conclusion, The Globe Theatre was built in 1599 by the Shakespeare’s playing company. It was used for many plays, and had thousands of people who went to it everyday. Then in 1613, the Globe Theatre burnt down due to a fiery cannon malfunction.

It was rebuilt a year later, and was ready for business again. Twenty nine years later, in 1642, the Puritans put a closing on all theatres, even the Globe Theatre. Two years later, on april 15, 1644, the Globe Theatre was taken down. Many generations later Theo Crosby and Sam Wanamaker helped remake the theatre, which was called “Shakespeare’s Globe.”


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