The Egypt agree that initially the cult

The ancient Egyptians, like no other people, had the belief in the supernatural essence of many animals, because it was the representatives of the fauna in the eyes of the Egyptians who represented the gods on earth and served as intermediaries between the gods and people. Therefore, the cult of animals in Egypt played one of the key roles in the belief – sacred animals were cats , lions, dogs, some kinds of snakes and insects, hippopotamuses, cows, crocodiles, vultures and falcons; often sacred animals lived at the temples ..

Most scholars of the religion of ancient Egypt agree that initially the cult of animals in ancient Egypt arose as a result of fear and reverence for people of the power and power of animals, but further, with the development of belief, fauna representatives were considered the incarnations of deities on earth. This is evidenced by the fact that in the time of the Ancient Kingdom and the First Transitional Period the Egyptians depicted their deities in animal images – for example, the goddess Nut was depicted as a cow, Osiris in the form of a bull, Ra in the form of a falcon, etc. In later periods of development of Egyptian civilization, totemism was somewhat superseded, and in the images and scrolls created in the second and first millennia BC, the deities are depicted as people with animal heads.

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