The used to build homes and other structures.

The agricultural revolution of the Neolithic period changed the world and peoples lives forever.Body paragraph 1 – the agricultural revolution changed the landscape of the world• Agriculture has had a big impact on the natural landscape and environment• Deforestation is a problem that we are dealing with today. The building of buildings, neighbourhoods and cities causes the destruction of our trees and land. • This is not a new problem. Deforestation began in the Mesolithic Period and continues through the Neolithic.• During this era, farmers needed to clear the land to plant their crops. To use the land around them, they needed to clear the trees and bush from the area. They set fires to the land.

These fires altered the soil and exposed the land to erosion by the elements.• Trees were used to build homes and other structures.• The deforestation did not only affect the land. They negatively affected the animal population. Many creatures were homeless because of the loss of land. This led to a decrease in the population of certain animals.

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• Land clearance, erosion, loss of soil fertility, loss of biodiversity, soil degradation, areas becoming deserts, global impact, wetland destruction, animal waste degradation and overgrazing are all problems that effect the environment. • In Hungary (C. 7000 BP) woodland was cleared for new crop fields for planting of cereal• Erosion is a natural occurring event, but agriculture rapidly accelerated it. Due to inefficient farming methods the top part of the soil was left exposed causing erosion. This declined in the growing of crops each year• Led to abandonment of villages Body paragraph 2 – The agricultural revolution changed women’s positions this era.Body paragraph 3 – The agricultural revolution created civilizations and permanent settlements.


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