that the halfway point I must first

that no man could beat him in a race let
alone a slow-moving tortoise the
tortoise is given a head start the race
begins and Achilles first forward making
up ground on the slow-moving tortoise
however by the time that Achilles has
made it through towards the starting
point the tortoise has moved forward by
one meter by the time Achilles makes up
the ground on the new gap the tortoise
has moved again creating a news that
small again every time the Achilles
reaches the point where the tortoise was
the new smaller gap has formed the
tortoise continues to plod forward and
so always remained slightly ahead of
Achilles this paradox was created by the
ancient Greek philosopher Zeno
we lived 2,500 years ago the paradox
reports the idea that motion is
impossible as to get from point A to
point B one has to travel an infinite
amount of steps before I reach my
destination I must first travel to its
halfway point before I can get to the
halfway point I must first travel to its
halfway point and so on and so on if one
has to travel an infinite amount of
distances then the destination has never
reached the clearly motion is possible
and we know that Achilles was quickly
overtakes tortoise many solutions dizi
no paradox have been offered the
standard solution argues that Xena was
wrong to assume that the sum of the
distances which Achilles has to run in
the path which Achilles runs is a linear
continuum so it’s composed of an actual
infinity of points or a trans finite set
of points however the sum of these
distances is a finite distance as the
series converges although you can split
up 10 meters into a natural infinity of
points but some of that infinity will be
10 meters in contrast a potential
infinity gets bigger over time and slow
will be divergent so kilise wins the
race and motion is possible after all
thanks for watching I would love to hear
what you think about Zeno’s paradox down
in the comments does the standard
solution solve the paradox or are there
other solutions which you think work
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