Thanks across the rough mountainous terrain, in any

Thanks Aitenobhan for great exposition and research on this great nursing role model and a historical leader. Nursing was impacted by these great leaders who were selfless and bravery to change and serve their community. “Clara Barton Birthplace Museum” (2017)

Mary Breckenridge contributed in area that is very crucial in our lives. Every generation can be reserved from the birth place, and like you quoted “A pregnancy is supposed to be a great time of expectation for families, a time where everyone looks forward to good news and celebration” and because of what she went through even losing her own children to death she turned what was negative to a positive outcomes “Concordia Portland ABSN” (2017″

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I enjoyed reading your post, even to come to understand how Breckenridge started Frontier Nursing Services. Breckenridge founded the Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, which later became the Frontier Nursing Service. Based out of a large log cabin in rural Wendover, Kentucky, Mary and her midwives rode on horseback across the rough mountainous terrain, in any season and weather, to help Appalachian mothers safely deliver babies in desperately poor and squalid conditions. “Concordia Portland ABSN” (2017″

I feel the way they were committed to their services to the community was phenomenal.


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