Tensions and large number of its citizens is

Tensions between North Korea and the United States are running high again as the leaders of both nations came up with new threats. Donald Trump says he is fighting a North Korean attack ‘with fire and fury’, while Kim Jong-un threatens to launch a rocket attack on the island of Guam – where a large American military base is stationed. But why are these countries challenging each other?North Korea and the United States are opposites in all imaginable areas.

Communism versus capitalism. Dictatorship to the Republic. North Korea, totally isolated from the rest of the world with Kim Jong-un as absolute power-bearer and the rest of the country as its subjects. No freedom of speech and as little space as possible for interference from the outside world. And that to the Republic of America, the absolute capitalist superpower of the world.

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The contradictions are so great that a conflict soon arises. The United States is the ideal enemy for North Korea. North Korea including the leaders and large number of its citizens is precisely opposite to what America is trying to represent in the modern world’s super power. While for the US, North Korea is the ugly, communist duckTensions between the two countries took place for the first time in the Korean War in 1950, five years after the split of Korea agreed by the Soviet Union and the United States. The Korean War is part of a larger battle on the world stage: The Cold War.North Korea, supported by the communist powers of the Soviet Union and China, is directly opposed to South Korea, which got support from the United Nations and the United States.

In 1953 a cease-fire was concluded, but there was never a peace treaty between North and South. These are the first signs of the calm relationship between the Americans and the North Koreans. The American support for the southern neighbors has always been sensitive in Pyongyang.That the relationship between North Korea and the United States always balances on a thin line is clear. But with the election of Donald Trump as president of the US the mutual tension is becoming increasingly threatening. The Republican does not hide its threatening language toward North Korea, same is accurate to his North Korean companion.According to North Korea, the blame lies with the American president himself, who would create an unpleasant atmosphere in the US with his aggressive tweets.

As a result, the tensions would be unnecessarily high according to the North Korean Foreign Minister Han Song Ryol. Trump said that he is prepared to attack North Korea – with or without the help of China – if necessary. With that, he tries to claim power, according to Song Ryol, in other words: “We are at war if they want to.The reason why the US is planning an attack on North Korea is because they are convinced that the country will again carry out a nuclear test. According to an organization that follows North Korea’s nuclear program, the country is already preparing the new nuclear test. That is why the United States has stationed two American ships, armed with rockets, near a North Korean peninsula, where North Korea is also angry.

The chance of war between the US and North Korea increases by the dayAccording to the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this is “a serious threat to peace and security on the peninsula, which could cause war at any time.”


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