Teenage be effective, but will definitely do

Teenage Smoking
Rima Awwad
Communication skills 2- Eng204
Spring 2018
Presented to: Ms. Nancy Assaker
American University of Technology

Claim: Parents should raise their children in a healthy environment and encourage them to engage in a healthy life living avoiding bad habits.
I. Cause-effect of teenagers smoking
A. Parental smoking
B. Help losing weight
C. Health problems
II. Controlling teenage smoking
A. Higher cigarette prices
B. Encourage people smuggle and purchase illegal cigarettes
III. Implying new restrictions
A. Controlling selling cigarettes for teenagers
B. Using other drugs
IV. Changing parenting style
A. Be a role model
B. Encourage kids to get involved in physical activities
C. Talk about the dangers of tobacco use

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This research paper discusses the major problem the society is facing nowadays which is teenage smoking. This issue put children’s health in danger. From here comes the urge of following efficient solutions to control this issue. While some consider that raising cigarette prices and banning smoking help in reducing teenage smoking. These solutions might be effective, but will definitely do harm more than good for teenagers. Parents influence their children more than they think they do. Therefore, the best way to reduce teenage smoking habits would be by encouraging their children to get involved in physical activities that prohibit smoking, talking about the dangers of tobacco use and acting as a good example to follow.
Smoking among teenagers is extremely prevalent nowadays. Some children might be depressed or stressed about things and feel as though they have no control over their lives. Therefore, they find smoking as a way to relax regardless the smoking’ effect on health. In addition, parents play a major role in their children’s behavior .So, it is not only teenager’s responsibility but also government and parents have bigger role in monitoring teenage smoking. While many consider that if the governments will raise cigarette prices or put new law in order to control selling cigarettes for teenagers, they will put end to teenage smoking, this might not be efficient solution since there is another ways teenagers use them instead of smoking, such as smuggling illegal cigarettes and using other drugs. However, parents should change their bad attitudes and teach their children how to live in healthy environment by talking about the dangers of tobacco use, encouraging their children to get involved in physical activities, and parents should being a role model for their children .
Parental smoking is the number one cause of teenage smoking, because teenagers that their parents smoke have greater risk of beginning smoking earlier. In addition, there is risk of not being satisfied in one cigarette and they need more and more (Gilman, Rende, & Boergers, 2009). Therefore, smoking is very dangerous and has many health effects, like heart disease, stroke, bronchitis and many types of cancer including lung, throat, stomach, and bladder cancer (Ben-Joseph, 2016). As we all know that cigarettes contain nicotine and this nicotine even cause addiction to cigarettes or makes the smoker feeling relax. Nicotine also suppresses the smoker’s appetite and makes them feeling fullness by nicotine binding to ?3?4 receptors in brain (williams, 2011). So, many people start smoking because nicotine in cigarettes help them losing weight in an easy way, but they do not think about how much smoking is dangerous to their health and it is threats their life. From here comes the need of efficient solutions.
Some people believe that the best way to decrease smoking among teenagers is raising cigarette prices (Boonn, 2017). According to Reynolds (2018), “If prices were 10% higher, 12-17 incidences youth smoking would be 11.9% lower” (As cited in Boonn Ann, 2017). So when the governments increase prices of tobacco, this makes some teenagers reduce their consumption because they cannot afford smoking. In addition, researches show that raising tobacco price will not only decrease the number of smokers but it also help people to stop smoking and in this way we also reduce the incidence of death and all health problems related to smoking (Boonn, 2017).
However, rising tobacco prices is not an efficient solution. Some people believe that raising cigarette prices will not reduce teenage smoking rates but it will encourage tobacco smuggling and encourage people to purchase illegal cigarettes in lower prices from black market (McCann, 2017). For that reason, governments should not raise too much tobacco prices because smuggling illegal cigarettes will not only lead to the highest rate of teenager consumption but also it might be the cause of many health problems (Raw, 2000).
Others believe that controlling selling cigarettes for teenagers is the best way to reduce teenage smoking rates. They consider that by putting a minimum age for selling cigarettes, using cigarette machine that restricts teenagers from buying cigarettes, and add a fine for people who selling cigarettes for teenagers, will reduce the percentage of teenager’s smokers, decrease harmful effect of smoking and even diminish incidence of death caused by this bad habit (Fishman Julie , Allison Harmony, et al, 1999).
Despite the logic behind this strategy, controlling selling cigarettes for teenagers is not the right solution. Teenagers tend to use other drugs especially OTC medicines; such as DMX that is mainly act an expectorant, but when people used in big quantities it has a second effect as an opiate. This will lead to being dependent over these cough syrups and feeling that is impossible to stop it, regardless their negative effect on their health (Drugabuse, 2017).

In order to being moving towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle, parents should talk to their children about the dangers of smoking at an early age. Parents should concentrate on smoking effect on their health that threatens their life, like heart disease and lung cancer. Parents should also focus on the negative effects of tobacco use, such as smelly hair and clothing, yellow fingers and teeth, and bad breath. Therefore, all these problems will not exist if you are not smoker. So be more active and healthy by avoiding smoking (Ben-Joseph, 2016). Add to that, parents should ecourage their kids to get involved in physical activities . Doing physical activity during the day is very helpful and may help people fight stress, pressure, and depression that are the causes that lead many people to smoke .

Last but not least, parents should set a positive example for their children. Children think that their parents “Heroes” and seek to follow them in everything. Eda LeShan claims that “The only way to raise a decent human being is by being one.” The author added that parents should encourage their children to maintain a healthy life style by practicing physical activities with them, stopping smoking, and talking about the dangers of tobacco use. In addition, children influence by the action of their parents, so parents should always be healthy as a good example for their children (yessafechoices).
In conclusion, teenage smoking is a serious problem that parents should focus on. Parents have a big role in assisting their children to be away from smoking. They should always talk about the dangers of tobacco use that threaten the teenager’s life. They should also encourage their children to engage in physical activities and to be a good leader parents for their children.

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