Technology integrate them effectively into their practice.

Technology is changing the way career guidance is delivered, with researchers, such as Bimrose 2011 and Osborn 2011, underlining the importance of guidance counsellors being competent and confident in existing and emerging technologies, in order to integrate them effectively into their practice.

Technology must be viewed by guidance practitioners as a potentially valuable tool which can assist them in their work. Social media is one such technological tool. For the purpose of this essay I have selected the social media site, Facebook as the technology for discussion, based solely on recent but limited use in my own career search. Realising its use for one particular aspect of career guidance, has sparked my desire to discover if it would be effective or useful in the overall delivery of career guidance to adult clients. Prior to exploring its uses, it is necessary to define what technology and facebook are, the guidance counsellor’s role in the use of technology, followed by the uses of Facebook and finally a critical discussion on the use of Facebook in the role of guidance counselling for adults.

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