Technology electronic devices since their childhood. This

Technology has developed in last 10 years more than in previous 50 and it caused a lot of interesting changes in our lives. Nowadays people are surrounded with electronic devices since their childhood. This is the fundamental difference between my peers and our parents.

It allowed to call us a new generation – generation Z. We unlike older people had an access to almost all information that we may have wanted to know in few minutes. However, I don’t think that children were using this privilege in a correct way. Most of us used internet and TV to entertain ourselves and spend free time playing games online or watching cartoons.

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Some people were unable to filter the huge amount of information surrounding them and even felt some kind of negative influence. Therefore an easy access to knowledge made no good impact on us. According to different researches generation Z is much less physically active that their predecessors. The reason is, we chose Internet communication instead of active games outdoors.

Also we didn’t have to wash clothes by hands, or sweep the floor, or wash the dishes – all these actions were done by special machines. Such inventions made our lives easier, gave us more free time, but brought some other difficulties as well. People got used to consuming too much information without analyzing its actual value and practical use. We replaced reading fiction literature with thoughtless watching of TV shows. Long and sincere conversations do not exist in modern world, because the rhythm of life gives us enough time only for writing short messages. Also they caused environmental problems that we don’t know how to avoid. I think it is very important to keep up with technological inventions.

First of all, they can help with solving some problems that we face in our lives. And in order to use them, we have to know about them more. Secondly, technology is always a relevant and interesting topic. Therefore, if you keep up with technological inventions you always have something to discuss.

In conclusion, technology made a huge impact on our lives and changed them both in positive and in negative way. We have to find balance and use it wisely.


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