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Technology addiction- yes and parents should limit their child using technologies because the millennial today are needing an advice to their parents to guide them as well.

People nowadays are very different than before we didn’t know what is the consequences through gadgets, They spent more in their gadgets, than spending time to their families so, need the guide of the parents so that they well know how to use it properly also, I think school it would also encourage the children to teach more responsible using technology as well. Hmm definitely teenagers are more irresponsible when it comes to work, it’s because they didn’t want to disturb them. Sometimes parents and children are arguing because of that issues, the children become a lazy man/woman because they wanted to stare at the screen of their gadgets. Mostly they didn’t want to help their parents to the household chores. Also, technology sometimes it is needed but also it is a destroyer of our lives. Technology has an advantage it is important to an emergency also, it can use it to contacting your family in another countries.

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Then it can use for a picture to capture any documents to pass it to the others. And easy to transact. Then , easy to travel because you just need an apps to get a flight rather than to commute just to get was is you are needed and technology has a disadvantage is it can cause a severe damage like pollution too much use of technologies has resulted waste product in the environment . Also, it can affect to the health of a person like technologies excessive use of gadgets causes a stress and posture related health issue. Social gap also , I’ve been wondered that why so sudden , some people use modern technologies to work in their favor , while there are many people who find themselves in miserable condition that’s unfair .

This can cause a social gap between the community/society. Technology has beyond doubt, eased the life of human-beings. It has proven the process of culture and society. In addition, too much of anything is bad also has a good commitment.

But we should always remember, technology should be using with care and only for the purpose that are of benefit for one another. And I can’t deny that ‘m also addicted to the technology now , I felt like I’m under control by the technology , I think i cannot live without that because every time I challenge myself not to open my Facebook account but I violated the challenge to myself I can’t stand without opening my account even there’s no important things . Every time i open my account i felt alive that’s my happiness instead.


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