Tatyana world are based in the lower class,

Tatyana Bailey
Ms. Sharpe
English 1101
13 November 2018

The Opportunity to Access Higher Education

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Have you ever wondered why so many people just terminate their studies after high school? Over the years students have suffered from fulfilling their dreams simply because of the
lack financial attributes ,and strategies that cannot be changed, but have been protested upon for
several years. I am referring to the high cost of education. Free college should be available to
students because it would expand access to higher education and less debt troubles, there would
be a wider educated population that can be beneficial to society and students would have a better
chance of following their dream jobs.
If free college was available for students around the world, they would have a chance to access higher education without being in loan debt or dropping out half way through. College should be freee since there are poor who are smart, intelligent and capable yet the state provides no educatiom for them. How would you feel knowing that your life is never going to be better because you do not have the opportunity? ( I stand firmly behind the concept of a tuition-free college; Majority of people around the world are based in the lower class, and are unable to pay for college which can hinder higher education.
In addition, there would be a wider range of an educated population that can be beneficial to society. For example, if majority of people had access to college, we would have more doctors, teachers, social workers and the list goes on. In fact, between America and other countries most of the establishments are short of staff, need teachers and hospitals need nurses and doctors. If only they had the advantage of going to college without the expenses, they could get a higher education and serve society. “There’s a simple, elegant solution to this travesty: tuition should at public colleges should be free” (Wiener, 224).
Last but not least, high cost of tuition persuade students to switch their dreams in terms of doing a job they did not dream of doing, because they cannot afford to pay to get into the program.


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