Take my grades and on my athleticism, because

Take pride in what you do. I believe that people should take pride in their work, and if they really want to do something, they should do it, and they shouldn’t let anyone hold them back.I have been in sports since I was in third grade. I am in some advanced classes for my grade, and I continue with all of those challenges today, and I will never stop with those challenges. There was a couple of kids that always made fun of me because I was in all of the advanced classes but I just ignored them and moved on.

It was the same thing with basketball, people would tell me that I wasn’t good but I ended up beating them in one on one because I never stopped practicing, and I always take pride in my work.A couple years back people started to compliment me on my grades and on my athleticism, because I take pride in my work. When I was younger, my parents and other adults  told me that I would play a lot of basketball in high school if I keep on practicing and improve my skills, because of them telling me those things I practice all the time, and I try to be in the gym as much as I can, and I always make sure that my homework is done. Also my friends, family, neighbors, teachers, and other people all give me compliments on my academics. I hope I get a scholarship for my academics and also my athletics, just like my neighbors children across the street.Now that I am in High School it has been even tougher trying to keep up with sports and academics since I am in advanced math, chemistry, gifted and talented, an engineering competition, and basketball.

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I try my hardest to keep up the pace, and I will never stop practicing, and practicing, and practicing, because I want to keep the pride in my work.Sure all of  my advanced classes has its ups and downs and so do the sports I play, but I am proud of what I do. My parents never questioned my passion, and are always supporting me. Even when I am doing homework until midnight, waking up in the middle of the night o make sure all of my homework is done, and constantly bugging my dad to go play basketball with me, they still take pride in what I do, and I take pride in what I do.

Sure all of this is hard work but I believe that it will all pay off in the end. I am hoping to get a masters degree in either business or engineering because I love math and I am really good at it too. I hope to stay fit and continue with sports and athletics for the rest of my life, and I hope that I can pass all of my beliefs to my children, and I hope that they too will pass down the beliefs to their children.

I hope that all of the people reading this will take pride in their work, and I hope that they continue with their dreams, and I know that they will surpass their dreams once they take pride in their work.


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