Symbolic Interactionism is a communication theory that states society and individuals are
created based upon the interactions between each other. Symbolic Interactionism is also
described as, “ongoing use of language and gestures in anticipation of how the other will react,”
(Griffin 54). Symbolic Interactionism is one of my favorite theories within communication
because it is a theory I feel that I have related to the most throughout my studies in
communication. One of my favorite movies, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, does a great job of
providing examples of symbolic interactionism. Anyone and everyone can relate the symbolic
interactionism theory to their own lives. Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage and all the
men and women merely players,” (As You Like It, Act II Scene 7). I am going to discuss
symbolic interactionism and how Beauty and the Beast is a perfect example of the theory.


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