Sydney red pill, which was a choice

Sydney Granholm
Ms. Murphy
Western Civ. Honors
October 28, 2018
Allegory of the Matrix
Imagine a scenario, in which one were living through life completely bound and believing a reality that doesn’t exist. The prisoner’s in “Allegory of the Cave” by Plato are as blind to the true reality as the people in the movie The Matrix by the Wachowski siblings. In both works the people are given false images and believe what their senses are telling them. In ” The Allegory of the Cave, ” the prisoners perception of reality is tricked by fake objects around them. Plato also suggests that only through enlightenment and education can one understand the real world. In The Matrix, the main character, Neo, is born into the Matrix, a world of illusions with a reality that is not only created but manipulated to deceive what is truly around the humans.
Neo in The Matrix is reflected on one of the prisoners from The Allegory of the Cave when being released from the pod. The one prisoner that escapes from the cave now can look around him and see the objects for what they are. While in the Matrix, Neo is released from his reality and finally sees that what he has actually been living in, a human laboratory. Plato mentions that the freed prisoner not be used to the outside world and would believe that what he experienced before was real than what he is seeing in the outside world. Similar to when Neo is detached from the pod, Morpheus tells him what state the world is in now, which results to Neo turning to a state of denial. Both the prisoner and Neo had to overcome an understanding that the world that they have known for their whole was not reality.
Throughout the movie, “The Matrix” Neo is faced with many choices that would determine his fate. Such as choosing between the blue pill or the red pill, which was a choice between going back to his reality or finding out the truth. The prisoner that escaped from the cave in “The Allegory of the Cave” had the choice to stay in the cave believing what he knows or to escape and discover the outside world. There are many choices throughout life that determine the direction of life. If Neo did not take the red pill he would have not discovered how deep the rabbit hole goes and would have returned to his reality. If the escaped prisoner did not escape he would have not discovered the beauty and meaning of his new world, and would have continued believing only what his senses show him.
Part of what makes up human is our impulses. In “The Matrix” an agent had no impulse his purpose was to make sure that the Matrix runs smoothly. If the agent was human he would have an impulse to stop chasing Neo and help him out. If he denied his impulse he would being denying what makes him human. In ” The Allegory of the Cave” the other prisoners denying what the escaped prisoner has told them about the outside world shows that they are scared of knowing the truth and only trust the reality they know.


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