Sweden is the leader of social democrats. CPI:

Sweden key holidays are Easter, Ascension Day, National Day, New year, International workers day and Midsummer.Their major Festivals are: Midsummer, Summerbrust, Gothenburg culture festival, Umea kalturnatta festival etc.Music Of SwedenSweden traditional music is Nordic fold dance music. They always focus on folska music. Nowadays they also include modern and pop music.

In fact, Sweden is one of the most successful exporters of popular music so an entrepreneur can also invest in their music.Interesting Fact about Sweden • In Sweden Privacy is so important that putting up video cameras in laundry room to catch vandals are illegal. • The Nobel Prize ceremony are always held in Sweden. IntroductionSweden is the third largest country in the western Europe with an area of 173,732 square miles. Population is 9.903 million.

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In Sweden more than half of the land is covered with forests. Its currency name is Swedish Krona. Sweden capital is Stockholm.Its per capita GDP is $46,420 which is ranked 17th in the world.Sweden is a parliamentary democracy. Stefan Löfven is the current prime minister of Sweden. He is the leader of social democrats.CPI: Corruption in Sweden is very high.

Sweden is the 6 least corrupt nation out of 175 countries. It is a huge barrier for those entrepreneur who wanted to do business in Sweden. Because of corruption companies have to give bribery to the officials. It is big challenge for companies. Geographical Location: Sweden is located in Northern Europe and it is sharing boarder with Norway to the west and Finland to the east and the Gulf of Bothania. Sweden key resources are Gold, Copper, Zinc, Silver, tungsten, feldspar and Iron ore. Sweden Local companies:Aptilo networks CloettaH&M Swedish match After seeing its geographical location and natural resources we can state that Sweden location it is better to invest in mining sector, because it is full with natural resources.

Specially, exploration of Sweden diamond and gold will be very profitable.Economic IntegrationSweden is a member of EU. Because of this association they are getting many advantages.• Tax free trade among members.• They can move one country to another easily and it is free.• A common currency Euro makes business easy for Sweden entrepreneurs.

Sweden rank 29th in export and 25th in import. The countries with those sweden has better trade relations are:Country Export Country ImportGermany $14.3B Germany $27.9BNorway $14.1B Denmark $10.

7BUSA $9.9B Netherland $9.4BDenmark $9.7B Belgium $6.73Finland $9.

4B Finland $6.40 They mostly export Seafood, iron, car, industry machinery etc. Sweden imports Pharmaceuticals, plastics, mineral fuel etc.Finland is Sweden’s biggest allies. Sweden has a very good relationship with Finland. They both are their good importer and exporter.

On the other the big reason behind their good allies is that because of Finland, Sweden is safe from Russia. Both country shares same religious, legal and social systems. Finland is also Sweden’s one of the top importer.

Culture of SwedenSweden official language is Swedish. One minority language is Sammy. Their major religion is Christian 87% and other including Muslim, hindu, orthodox is 13%.They are humble and always prefer to listen others than their own voice.In Sweden their tradition food is Swedish meatball with cream sauce, lingoberryjam and pickled cucumber.


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