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Suzanne GurungProfessor Farid NasiffENG 10103/26/18 Too much Technology In today’s world we cannot deny the fact of living without technology and its advancement. It is considered as a necessity due to which we are being dependent on it. From waking up early in the morning till our day ends, we are continuously scrolling down our cell phones whether at class, subway or at a dining table. Many people believe that technology has numerous advantages and has improved our life. Nevertheless, others suggest that the disadvantages are more than the benefits.

This essay discusses both benefits and drawbacks of the technology. Technology enables us to connect with people all around the world within a second with large information readily available on the internet. Not only that, we can learn many new languages, culture which broadens our knowledge. We can retrieve any information at anytime and anywhere with ease. Advancement of technology has made every sector of our society better, whether it be a health sector, business sector or agriculture sector in various ways. Due to the advancement of technology, diseases can be cured more easily as it can detect disease at an early stage which can save many lives. Everyday researches are being conducted by which we can cure most of the disease which we are unaware and thus it extends our lives. Paperwork’s become more organized since every information is stored in a systematic order such as database.

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In a business sector due to a video conferencing it saves up more time and even the cost of travelling since we do not have to meet person to person. Knowingly or unknowingly technology is taking our lives and making us more dependent upon it due to which we are becoming lazier. We can control our heating, lights and even our television through our smartphones. Technology is designed in such a way that we fail to think and become more addicted to it.

Our morning starts by the alarm from our cell phones to checking our social media. We’ve become so dependent that we are isolated within it. Nowadays, instead of playing at the park, running, playing outdoors many children are busy playing videogames and watching television which leads to a negative health problem known as obesity. Due to mindless eating and not having enough sleep a person becomes obese and this pattern of eating habit continues till adulthood.

Thus, it is very important to limit children’s screen time and engaging them to a physical kind of games. We become less social as there is no face to face communication or personal contact resulting to loss of ability to communicate. We become so comfortable in our own social media world that we make hundreds of friends on Facebook but in reality, we do not have any friends. This causes loneliness and depression. Our social skills are diminishing due to integration of technology in our daily lives.

Since every information is readily available in the internet in a great quantity we tend to limit ourselves within that boundary, we do not want to further broaden our knowledge beyond misguided wrong information provided on the internet. We completely ignore books and other reading materials which needs our effort because every information comes from the quick touch of a button which restricts expansion of our minds. Human minds are being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence leading to an unemployment. Technology should be a means to make our lives easier and better thus we should not be controlled by it in any ways that may hamper our social skills or decisions. I believe technology has both advantages and disadvantages which is not arguable because people tend to overlook its disadvantages.


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