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SummaryThe editorial discusses the unfortunate fact that African Americans have an insanely high unemployment rate compared to white Americans. It goes on to discourse how economic conditions for African-Americans vary widely throughout the country. Statistics from the editorial state that “The unemployment rate for African-Americans stood at 10.

4% in December, more than twice that of whites, as it has been for most of the past 40 years”. Editor Joel Kotkin also claims that “African-Americans took a significant step back in recent years was in household wealth, which plunged 31% during the recession, including a steep 35% decline in their retirement assets”. It further deliberates some places in America where African Americas (Blacks) can prosper financially and economically.

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A few of those places include Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco just to name a few.ReactionIt’s intriguing that many of the places listed to be better economically and financially for Blacks in 2018 are listed in the South. There is ostensibly no racial dissimilarity more striking than the difference in wealth in the United States. While the middle white family unit gains only 65 percent more salary than its blacks, its total assets is completely multiple times as high. What’s even more striking is that it all accumulates over many generations, and whites are in excess of multiple times as likely as blacks to acquire cash from their families.

It’s an alleviation to realize that there are some places in America where Blacks can fit in and bring home the bacon. ImpactMonetary unevenness stays one of the greatest reasons for cracked racial relations in society. If African American’s move into cities where they’re being paid equally and doing the best economically, racial tensions will disband slowly. Blacks will be able to see their wealth and hard work.

They would be able to rebuild communities destroyed over years thus lowering poverty and the crime rate. When you put a bunch of crabs in a barrel, they fight each other to get out. Due to everything that has happened to blacks over time, they’re fighting each other to get to the top.

Living in these places where they can all prosper will help to expand their businesses, be able to provide for their family, and make America respect the black dollar.


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