Summary advisories regarding fuel state. This resulted

SummaryIntroductionOn December 28, 1978 United Airline Flight 173 a DC-8 was a scheduled flight from John F.

Kennedy International Airport to Portland International Airport with an en route at Denver. When the landing gear was lowered only two of the green landing gear indicator lights show. The plane circled in the vicinity of Portland while investigate problem. After about one hour the plane ran out of fuel and crashed in a populated area near east Burnside Street.

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ProblemCaptain failed to monitor the aircraft fuel gauge and do not respond to the low fuel state and the crewmember advisories regarding fuel state. This resulted in fuel exhaustion to all engines.FindingThe flight crew was properly certificated and qualified for the flight.Evidence indicates that the fuel quantity indicating-system accurately indicated to the crew.The captain failed to make decision timely.

The captain failed to relate time, distance from the airport and aircraft’s fuel state as his attention was directed completely toward the diagnosis of the gear problem and preparation of the passenger for an emergency landing. The gear problem a huge effect on the captain performance.Neither the first officer nor the flight engineer conveyed any concern about fuel exhaustion to the captain during accident.Poor crew coordination, loss of situational awareness and judgment errors.Recommendation Provide the additional training to aircrew and stuff which is CRM (Crew resource management).31623009969500Assertiveness HazardHalo effect United airline flight 173 is halo effect because communication gap that’s why pilot do not understand properly ATC conversation and in mind some conflicts.Copilot syndrome The pilot show superiority during flight and show aggressive behavior toward all crewmember.


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