STYLISTIC minds. The poets play with words in

The aim of this paper work is to analyze into the meanings of the poem “Success is counted sweetest” by Emily Dickenson. The poem is studied stylistically and analysis of the poem has been done on the basis of graphological, lexical, grammatical and phonological level, and the themes like failure as a success, isolation, need and death. This analysis is helpful in the deep understanding of the poem.

keywords: Phonological level,style,graphological level,lexical level.

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Literature is reflection of human life and in it poets are considered supreme as they impart unique ideas in limited words that are sometimes not comprehensible for the average minds. The poets play with words in a language, and to judge the word play, stylistics is a good source. Stylistics is the scientific and systematic study of style. The word style which is so commonly used finds its origin in a Latin word “elocution”, in Greek, word “lexis” equates this term. Style is used in many ways so it is an umbrella term containing various meanings. It is a process which is required to do something, a manner or way of doing a work. External appearance of everything is also viewed as style. It also includes way of living, personality of a person, thought of a person and his way of speaking and writing. Galperin (1971) is of the view that style is socially determined and functionally conditioned totality of the ways of using, selecting and combining the means of logical intercourse” in a language whether it be a national or a foreign language. Style is not limited to literary text but “a property of all texts” according to Fowler (1966).


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