Stuti “a 2000 graduate with history and

Stuti Patel
Professor Acuna-NasrallaEnglish 121
February 21st, 2018
A College Education
Throughout the all four years of high school students may start to ask a question the significance of a college education. Why is it so important to go to college? The appropriate response is that like never before, going to school gives chances to graduates who are not as broad to the individuals who have not gotten an advanced education. In the article “Post College Success Not All About the Money” by Nancy Oliver Gray tells us how college worth of the cost (Oliver Gray 1). The benefit of having higher education means more pay, more chances of getting a job at some suitable place, meeting new people every day, and better life with financial growth.
The primary reason that higher education is essential is that it can help individuals to show signs of having better life later on, especially for those people who were raised in middle-class families. Learning can change your fate. It makes you rich in life as well as enhances you as a creative person. For example, “a 2000 graduate with history and classical studies who went on to Vanderbilt (Tenn.). Law school and is now the partner in a firm practicing consumer financial services litigation” (Oliver Gray 2). A college education is a key to your future and everything. It is your final step of school and before you face the real world. Having a good knowledge means having a good job and better life with good income.


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