Studying A Level Economics paired with my

Studying A Level Economics paired with my passion for problem solving, has drawn me towards studying Accounting as I aspire to become a chartered accountant. My interest towards the subject first materialized when my Lloyd’s mentor recommended I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The book addresses the implications of being either financially ignorant or financially literate which incentivised me to begin reading further into this topic and encouraged my interest in this degree. I participated in a LSE Student Shadowing scheme in Accounting and Finance where I was able to attend a lecture and

I am studying A levels in Biology, Religious Education and Economics. These subjects have all offered me beneficial insight and transferable skills which I can apply to a multitude of aspects in Accounting.
Studying RE has allowed me to communicate ideas thoroughly and the ability to evaluate and critically assess complex issues. Furthermore, it has taught me to implement critical and theoretical thinking, both of which are essential for undertaking elaborate accounting tasks. Economics has allowed me to establish a basic understanding of how economies work, enabled me to create my own opinions on economic theories and to assimilate information. The knowledge gained from this course has given me a better appreciation of international economics, such as the post brexit economy involving the barrier for trade in and out the EU and how this could affect business’s profits. Additionally, Biology has given me support in building up analytical and problem solving skills which will prove valuable to me for my studies.

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I was involved in my school’s leadership programme of being a prefect in my year group. This role entailed volunteering for school outreach events where I developed teamwork skills as it allowed me to learn how to collaborate effectively in a group, amongst other duties. It also allowed me to cultivate leadership skills from delegating roles and debating my point of view. This position has offered me aptitudes in a plentitude of managerial and administrative aspects where I acquired new communication skills. Besides my studies at school, I’ve tried familiarising myself with data inputting, including Microsoft Excel.

Outside academic life, I try to get involved in extracurricular activities in my spare time. In the Youth Construction Budding Brunel programme, we had to make a presentation to sell a building design. This gave me the opportunity to gain organizational and time management skills. I enjoy reading books in my free time which inspired me to volunteer at the Idea Store library. I was able to develop skills such as being able to administer customer service, accurately handle and organise information and develop interpersonal skills. Additionally, I partook in karate lessons for 6 years after which I took my first black belt exam but was unsuccessful, but I persevered by continuing my training and finally succeeded. This made me into a more resilient and disciplined individual as I did not let this setback discourage or demotivate me. This persistence and dedication showcases how determined I am to succeed.

I would like to take on the challenge of this degree course as it would offer me the next step in a career in the accounting field and as I have a dedicated and devoted attitude to learning new things and broadening my horizons. I am certain that my dedication and enthusiasm will support me in achieving my aspiration. Furthermore, I would like to show my younger siblings that no matter what obstacles you face, if you put your mind to what you want to achieve, anything is possible.


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