Study pretreatment with DA leaves extract against cerebral

Study of the neuroprotectiverole of pretreatment with hydroalcoholic extract of Dorema aucheri leaves by alterationof the antioxidant capacity during cerebral ischemia-induced brain injury  AbstractBackground:It has been demonstrated that hydroalcoholic extract of Doremaaucheri (DA) leaves, as one of the medicinal plants, has a powerful antioxidantproperty. Since the excessive generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) isthe principal mechanism of brain damage during ischemic stroke, this study aimedto evaluate the neuroprotective effects of pretreatment with DA leaves extract against cerebralischemia-induced brain injury through alteration of the antioxidant capacity.

Methods: The experiment was conducted in three groups of rats asfollows; sham, control ischemic and pretreated ischemic groups. Rats wereadministered freshlyhydroalcoholic extract of DA leaves atdosage of 200mg/kg/day for fourteen days. Then, the middle cerebral artery ofright hemisphere was occluded for 90min to achieve cerebral ischemia.

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After 24hoursreperfusion, cerebral infarction and superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase activitiesas well as malondialdehyde (MDA), glutathione and NOx contents were determined.Results: Pretreatment with DA leaves extract considerably attenuated the cerebralinfarct volume both in cortex (63%) and striatum (75%) compared with controlischemic group. Also, DA leaves extract significantly decreased the indexes ofoxidative stress, MDA (28%), and nitrosative stress, NOx (11%), in the ischemichemispheres compared with control ischemic group. Likewise, pretreatment with thisextract enhanced the antioxidant capacity of ischemic hemispheres by increasingthe glutathione content (7%) and the activities of SOD (16%) and catalase (46%).Conclusion: The findings of this study indicate that pretreatment withhydroalcoholic extract of DA leaves declines the cerebral ischemia-induced braininjuries through alleviation of the brain antioxidant defense system.


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