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Studies show that divorce rates have increased over time. Since divorces are more common today, people won’t work as hard to try and make their marriage work. Having a healthy relationship is very important for the marriage to work. Having independent lives, being open about everything that happens and most importantly being able to compromise all contribute to a healthy marriage.Having independent jobs and independent friends can help keep a marriage healthy. It is important for both spouses to have their own goals and to pursue them without feeling that their relationship is lessening. Since that is not the case, having separate lives does not only not destroy a marriage but it can help keep it a healthy one. It is important that neither one defines themselves by how they help the other with their needs, but by who they are.

At the same time, this should not take away from them meeting each other’s needs. Whether its making supper or supporting the family financially, this is also important in a marriage.Communication is one of the vital aspects of a healthy marriage. When a couple is missing this factor is very hard for the marriage to last. It is vital that the person share their feelings to their spouse. Being angry within oneself and not sharing their thoughts with one’s spouse can destroy a marriage. Communication is the cornerstone of every long-lasting marriage.

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Love, trust, honesty, and every other important characteristic of a strong marriage aren’t meaningful in themselves. It is the expression of these things that produce a marriage worth envying. Showing that love, showcasing your trust, and acting honestly is what truly makes the marriage a good one. Being able to communicate how much your wife or husband means to you is where your marriage goes from good to great.

If you appreciate your spouse but don’t let them know it enough they might feel underappreciated. In a marriage, one needs to be able to speak up about the things they are unhappy with too. Letting out your dissatisfaction helps build a healthy marriage. Communication is something that both spouses need to be committed to for a healthy and stable marriage.Cooperation assists in building a great marriage. When making decisions as a part of a marriage, one must remember to put aside their ego. Being right is not of importance it’s making the right decision that takes precedence.

This is not necessarily compromising one’s beliefs it is more cooperating with what is the right decision in that situation. Part of cooperation includes listening to one’s spouse’s idea of solving the issue. Compromise, within the context of relationships, is troublesome because it implies that someone is giving something up. Cooperation, on the other hand, strengthens the underlying fabric of relationship through balanced interchange, open communication, and mutual understanding.


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