Students analysis more problematic. The interpretive procedure in

Students took part in the study voluntarily & numerous members were felt to be hesitant to finish or honestly complete the questionnaires. (Molnar, 11 Kletke, & Chongwatpol, 2008). As mentioned by Shank (2006) partially repeated coverage of qualitative and quantitative research methods was an intense problem of the study which made the data analysis more problematic. The interpretive procedure in quality reporting can be long but it’s important to portray the material of the raw information ; how the coding and investigation was finished to the reader said Drisko (2005).
Another important issue was to keep up with the subject matter that deals with the study ; it was because of the different ways of looking for help that showed up in the scholarly literature and mentioned the typical type of help for purpose of maintaining a limited focal point became important. Validated instruments exist already ; they’ve been also used in previous studies to measure behavioral intention to use, additional instruments were also modified and tested for reliability and validity in order to asses BI from a qualitative perspective.


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