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Student’s name Professor’s nameCourseDue dateThe apple iPadsThe apple company has become one of the successful globalized organizations in the technology sector. The company was established to compete with other technological companies in the world that produce products that people use to make the world a global village. The company is a successful venture since it was started in the year, since it was founded in April, 1976.

The company has undergone several developmental stages over the decades till today, through innovativeness, expansion and marketing. Among the products that Apple produces, iPad brand is one of the sophisticated brands that have been produced by the company over time. It is a line of tablet computers that was which run the iOS operating system (Jain, Vinamra and Sharma, 34).

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The first iPad was released in 2010 on April 3rd. The most recently used iPads are the iPad 2017 which iOS 10.5 inch and 2G iPad which was released in June 2013, having 12.9-inch display.

The user interface is built in the screen including a workable virtual keyboard. As of January 2015, the company had sold more than 250 million iPads, whereby the sales were at the peak in 2013. It has grown to be popular, as it is the second-most. A number of models have cellular characteristics. As a brand manager, I have a responsibility to be involved in the process of creating and extending the value of the iPad brands.

There are four brand development strategies that I use in expanding the brand. The first one is brand extension, which involves broadening the level of understanding in the market about the brand. This is achieved mainly through offering more products of a diverse characteristic under the same brand name that is popular in the market. Extensions of the iPad brand will work well because the brand’s name is already known in the market and therefore, the brand name will have an easy channel to the market mainly because of the perceptions that people will have about the new product in relation with the existing brand. iPad brands have dominated other computers in the market and also other products that are under the production line of the company, therefore raising the name of the company (Jain, Vinamra and Sharma, 34). We created the iPad 2017 brand to respond to the feedback from the market to suit the requirements on the portability and speed of the processor among other features. Product line extension is done when introducing a new product which shares similarities with what the organization already offers within the same line of production. Expansion of the business is good for the business to grow.

As a manager it is always important to identify ways to create a new product that the market can enjoy the benefits by providing user-friendly specifications that boost the identity of the product in the market. A multi brand is a difference of the product line variation. It basically entails running a multiple brand strategy in the same market. The multi brand strategy involves having more than one brand competing in the same product category. There are other types of iPad tablets manufactured by the company. Apart from iPad 2017, there is also iPad 2013 and 2010 which sells the company’s name and dignity depending on the preference of the customer (Chan, Jenny, Ngai, and Mark, 79). A new brand development strategy is used when the firm is expanding through developing a new line of products that they have never done before. The new brand of the company is the iPad Pro 10.

5, which has landed on the market at the beginning of 2018. Brand extension is the second most successful strategy out of the four brand development strategies, whereby it makes acceptance of new products a bit easy. The strategy also provides consumers with a variety of product to choose from. Once you win the satisfaction of a customer, the doors automatically open for them to taste another product. A customer who is satisfied will always come back, hence becoming loyal to the company.

An established brand name increases the number of the customers when they are well known. With the fact that Apple Company is well known around the world for the quality products that it produces, every person who upgrades to the technological world will always want to try the products from Apple Company. As the vice president of Apple iPads in the United States, I consider to implement the four strategies for growing businesses. These strategies will help to expand the company by creating new products.

There are several ways that the company is planning to improve its productivity under my leadership. The market penetration strategy is a way of launching the product, entering the market swiftly as possible and capturing a bigger market share. This can be achieved by maintaining or increasing the market share of a certain products, securing growth markets through dominance. It happens through restructuring a mature market by driving away competitors and absorbing all the customers (Chan, Jenny, Ngai, and Mark, 79). This strategy measures the performance of a product in the market, whether it is doing well or not. Apple Company sources its customer base from all over the world. This strategy also aims at attempting to sell more of the existing products to the intended range of customers, whose gender and age does not matter. One way of growing the company through this strategy is through focusing on maintaining and increasing the market share of the current products.

It is important for the company to focus on areas of sales and marketing responsible for managing the pricing and promoting the product. It is necessary to make sure we have the best affordable and reasonable price for our customers in order to dominate our competitors. Another approach our company has is the plan to broaden our demographics by promoting and selling intensively (Page, Tom, 26). Not only that but also reach out to other age group such as children to get materials that they can easily use to learn in class. Product development is a great way for businesses to stay ahead of the competition and to continue to grasp to the changing needs of existing customers. New products help to increase market share. With the company, we have created many new products that suit the needs of the customers, ranging from mobile phones and watches to iPads.

These new products are built on existing products that started this business. The company decided to build off of the traditional models and provide a variety of technology products options for customers to use on a daily basis when responding to their technological needs.A product diversification strategy is a form of business development. Businesses that implement the strategy can diversify their product range by modifying existing products and adding new products to the range.

The purpose of diversification is to allow the company to enter lines of business that are different from current operations. It was necessary to create new makeup products to grow the company (Page, Tom, 26). As a result, the company came out with new models of mobile phones tablets and computers, in order to grow the company. This turned out to be a huge success for the company. As our products were sold out swiftly. New market development is a growth strategy that identifies and develops new market sections for current merchandises. This business strategy is meant to find new groups of buyers as potential clients for its prevailing and new products (Page, Tom, 26).

It helps the company to expand into unexploited markets. We plan to gain more customers from the youth that promote the company’s products as something that can be used by every informed person. We would not wish people to think that the product is only meant for the young people. Works citedChan, Jenny, Ngai Pun, and Mark Selden. “Apple’s iPad city: Subcontracting exploitation to China.” Handbook of the international political economy of production (2015): 76-97.

Jain, Vinamra, and Ashok Sharma. “The Consumer’s Preferred Operating System: Android or iOS.” International Journal of Business Management ; Research 3 (2013): 29-40.

Page, Tom. “Use of mobile device apps in product design.” International Journal of Green Computing (IJGC) 4.1 (2013): 18-34.


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